Cal - with Mark Knopfler
Comfort & Joy - with Mark Knopfler
Princess Bride - with Mark Knopfler
Last Exit To Brooklyn - with Mark Knopfler
Metroland - with Mark Knopfler
Wag the Dog - with Mark Knopfler
Urban Ghost Story - with Rupert Gregson-Williams
a shot at glory - with Mark Knopfler
Thunderpants - occasional cues with RGW
Crime Spree - again with RGW
Tooth - my first full blown feature film (Feb 2004)
Sergeant Pepper - 2nd movie (late 2004)
Spirit Trap - a horror film (later in 2004, possibly 2005)

Niagara Motel - a comedy (late 2005)


The Big Hill - BBC documentary about a British Services expedition to climb ount Everest
Tristan da Cuhna Documentary about a street children in South America
Gold Prospecting in Guyana - BBC
Theatre School - Six part BBC documentary about a London drama school
Mummy doesn't live here anymore - BBC Documentary
Angry Americans - Discovery Channel docu.
At home with the Braithwaites -all four ITV series'.
Ruby Wax - American Pie theme
Ibiza/Greece/Las Vegas/Miami 'Uncovered' - worldwide dance score with Alan Clark
William and Mary - ITV series
Robbie the reindeer - Comic Relief / BBC animations



Bryan Ferry 'Boys And Girls' (EG Records)
Bryan Ferry 'Mamouna' (Virgin)
Roxy Music 'The High Road' (EG Records)
Difford and Tillbrook 'Difford and Tillbrook'
Tina Turner 'Break Every Rule'
Guy Fletcher/Brendan Croker 'On The Big Hill' (Silvertone)
Paul Brady 'Songs And Crazy Dreams'(Fontana)
Mick Jagger 'She's The Boss'
Aztec Camera 'Knife'
Willie De Ville 'Miracle'
Belouis Some 'Some People (also co-produced)
Notting Hillbillies 'Missing..(produced, eng, and performed) (Phonogram)
Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler 'Neck & Neck' (CBS)
Randy Newman 'Land Of Dreams' (Warners) also arranged
Dire Straits 'Brothers In Arms' (Phonogram)
Dire Straits 'On Every Street' (Co-produced and performed)
Dire Straits 'On The Night' (Co-produced, eng. And performed)
Mark Knopfler 'Golden Heart' (Phongram)
Heather Nova 'Siren'
Mark Knopfler 'the ragpicker's dream' (Mercury)
Mark Knopfler 'sailing to Philadelphia'
Mark Knopfler 'Shangri-La'
Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris 'all the road running'
Mark Knopfler 'Kill to get Crimson' 2007
Guy Fletcher - INAMORATA - 2008

Mark Knopfler 'Get Lucky'
Guy Fletcher 'STONE ep'
Guy Fletcher 'Natural Selection 2010'
John Illsley 'Streets of Heaven 2010'
Guy Fletcher 'new album 2012'
Mark Knopfler 'new album 2012'

BANDS I was in before any of the above took place

The Flat Earth Society (had band name painted on bass drum) My first live performance in Village Hall, for which my mum made a cake for the band.
Knife Edge (we had stickers made)
Atlantis (we had stickers AND actually recorded, albeit in a basic format)
Flash (more stickers)
Lash (trash)