the studio




   You know what this is don't you?
I used to lust after this monstrous Yamaha CS80 when I was in my early bands.
I picked this one up a few years ago, at last now I have room to set it up. Sadly it rarely gets used because it's so severely out of tune!
--- The Studio Build ---


Here are some pics of the studio taken during it's construction.

Here's the first shot of the studio. One week into the build The walls are coming up nicely....

and so on... The roof is on. It's starting to look more like a studio now.

......the internal walls being fitted.


It's my 'trusty/crusty' old Roland Jupiter 8. This was one of the first into the UK as at the time I was working for Roland UK as a demonstrator.
We (me and a couple of other musos) actually did a mini-UK tour for Roland -'the Roland roadshow',
playing in local music shops around the country. 1980 if memory serves... which it usually doesn't..