2001 Sailing To Philadelphia album diary

Here's a selection of photos taken during the making of the Sailing to Philadelphia album .

This album was made over a three year period as you can see from the photos.


Guy and Jo (Chuck's wife) November 1998 :
Guy and Jo shown here in the control room at the Tracking Room in Nashville.
 I think I'd just bought that Baby Taylor .


Chuck Ainlay pictured in the London studio :
Chuck Ainlay adjusts his pants in preperation of another vocal comp.

Chuck pictured at the desk in The Tracking Room Nashville :
Chuck again, here at the controls of the Studer 48 track digital tape machine.
Next to that is an old Studer analog 24 track remote.
Note the ball game going on in the background.

Richard Bennett here with his Gibson Southern Jumbo acoustic.

Richard in his Land of Guitars at the Tracking Room : Richard land.

A Gretch 'country rock' on the stand and the Southerner Jumbo in Richard's capable hands.
The amp is a Tone-King.

Mark and Dave Rawlins at Ocean Way Studios on 26/6/98 :
Mark and Dave quizzing over a playback at Ocean Way studios.

Mark and Richard in Ocean Way 26/6/98 :
 Mark and Richard sitting behind the desk in Ocean Way studios listening to a playback of El Macho.
 I couldn't say if it was the final take or not.

MK reads a studio 'biff' mag :
 Mark seen here reading a copy of MixMag or something 28/6/98.

The band in the control room at Ocean Way :
In the control room at Ocean Way. Mark strums out an idea.

"listen to this new tune" :
The band listen attentively...."not too sure about that one Mark".
Actually we can't remember which song he's dishing up here.

"I'm tellin' ya, it's a smash" : mmmmm..Richard's fallen asleep.

Again, Ocean Way, with Sonny Landreth who dropped by to say hi :
Sonny Landreth was in town and decided to pay us a visit.
Mark's publisher David Conrad seen here talking to MK.

Chuck and Mark Ralston his assistant :
 Ocean Way again, Chuck and Mark R.

Mark, Chet Atkins and myself 29/6/98 :
Here's Chet Atkins taking tea with Mark and myself during a break at Ocean way.
Chet used to come down to the studio nearly every day.
He would always entertain us with his jokes and stories.
He was a truly wonderful man and needless to say we all miss him.

an arty shot of MK and RB :
Here's Mark and Richard overdubbing the acoustics on 'What it is' - together.
As Richard explains "you get more of a 'performance' that way".

Chuck at the helm :
Here, Chuck is comping (probably a vocal performance) using the internal RAM in the Sony 3348.
That's his comps sheet on his lap.

The great Jim Cox : Here's the great Jim Cox caressing the B3.
This was probably during the recording of El Macho.
Note the Hammond colostomy bag in the lower left hand corner of the pic.

Poland? :
That's Mike Henderson sitting back there on the couch.
Another shot from the control room of the Tracking Room studio.

Here's that shot of Chet and the band :
 Chet Atkins posed with us here at Ocean Way.