15th Jan 2010

The album is just about there now, just the mixing and mastering to do. I will be updating the site as soon as the artwork is decided etc.
meanwhile, here's a few pics taken by Bob Mazzer recently.

at the Bosendorfer

can you hear that?

Joe Kearns, assistant to the stars hard at work on the ProTools system.

Yes it's true, I can't see a bloody thing without me glasses. Actually, like most 49 year-olds, the eyes ain't what they used to be and those computer screens don't help now do they!
November '09

The first 3 days of tracking. Danny came in and sat behind the drum kit.
A brief description from Dan -
"The set was a "Sonor Delite" "Maple Light" shells which I guess refers to the number of plies not the general weight. The Outer finish is in Bubinga.
The sizes used were 22" x 18" bassdrum, 12" x 9" rack tom and two floor toms sized 16 x16"" & 18" x 18" the snares we used were a matching Sonor 14" x 6.5" and a Dunnet 14 x 6.5 in "Milkwood" with "wooden rims" instead of the usual metal ones. Cymbals were Zildjian K dark, K Custom and Armand series. The Hi Hats were "15" K Dark". DW hardware. Drumheads on the toms were Remo Emperor clear on top and Diplomat clear underneath which I will also be using for MK's tour this time around."

Dudley Phillips played bass of a few tracks. Here he's using the '59 precision through a vintage Ampeg portaflex 1x15.

Dud Digs Deep...

the happy couple..

more to come . . . . soon . . .